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We are looking to bring together a diverse group of creative scientists with backgrounds ranging from imaging, genomics, cell biology, tool building, to computation and theory.

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Who We Are

Timothée Lionnet

I am a biophysicist who develops novel imaging technologies to understand the fundamental principles of gene expression.

During my PhD (with V. Croquette at the ENS), I built a magnetic tweezers microscope to discover that DNA stretches when overwound, a property that could be used for sequence recognition. I also explored how DNA helicases convert chemical energy into the force needed to unwind DNA. I then joined the lab of Rob Singer (Einstein) and continued developing single molecule technologies, this time to monitor gene expression in living cells. I then moved to Janelia to lead the Transcription Imaging Consortium. Bringing together experts from various fields, we developed innovative technologies to image the transcription process at molecular scale in living cells.



Yi Fu

Rotating Graduate Student


Benjamin King

Post-doctoral fellow


Cyrus Tam

Undergraduate student

Shuoshuo Wang

Associate research scientist